When Wendy came to me to work on her health she had no idea that she was going to participate in her first 5k.

Having tried all the diets on the market with little success she decided it was time for a lifestyle shift. During our first session we set goals, both short term and long term.

At first we met weekly to make small changes and create new habits. Upping water intake, trying new veggies, substituting healthier alternatives into her cooking, and starting a regular walking routine.

About half way through our time together Wendy mentioned she would like to do a 5k. This would be her first race and although she was excited about it, she was a bit nervous as well.

Each time we met we laid out a plan of which days she would walk and increased the duration and pace to up her stamina. Our sessions switched from sitting and going over education to walking sessions where we talked about the successes and trouble spots from the week before. We would also outline our goals for the next two weeks so Wendy stayed focused.

She was amazing! Watching her get physically stronger every week and more confident in her body was the best part of working with her.

We participated in the Hop Hop 5k on April 15th with a finish time faster than any of her training times! Wendy pushed herself that day and not only accomplished her goal, she demolished it!

Her family was there to support her, and they were so proud of her accomplishment. Her friends’ support was overwhelming as well. But nobody was more proud of her reaching her goal than Wendy. She was so proud of herself!

I was simply there as a guide on the side. As her accountability partner, she created her own goals, and my job was to help her work towards them.

We worked through both the physical and mental blocks of lifestyle change. Conquered cravings, self-sabotage, a busy lifestyle, the holidays, and a sore body from physical activity.

In our last session we walked through all her accomplishments, set goals for the next 3-6 months, and talked about what might get in her way.

What’s Next? Anything is possible!

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