There’s a secret monster hiding in your home…

It’s called “fragrance“.

Fragrance sounds nice. Fragrance is flowers, and spices and that new baby smell.

Where fragrance is bad, is when it’s a monster hiding under your bed – or it’s in your air, collecting on your floors and in your carpets and furniture.

fragrance may be poison

Fragrance is on your clothes, it’s on your skin, it’s on your face – it’s on your children and in your food!

So what is the problem with fragrance?

Fragrance can be made up of more than 100 chemicals, mostly synthetic chemicals, and some of these chemicals can harm us.

A 2014 UK Study had some serious findings.

One study in the U.K. of 14,000 pregnant women showed a link between the use of air fresheners and aerosol sprays and an increase in headaches and depression in the mothers, as well as ear infections and diarrhea in their babies.

In homes where air fresheners and aerosol sprays were used on most days, women experienced 25% more headaches and 19% more post-natal depression than women in homes where such products were used less than once a week.

Babies under six months old who were exposed to air fresheners on most days had 30% more ear infections and a 22% greater chance of diarrhea than babies exposed less than once a week.

While it is not clear which chemicals (or which combination of chemicals) found in air fresheners may be responsible for these effects, the results of this study raise concern about the safety and necessity of these products. (source: Women’s Voices)

Chemical companies make Air Fresheners. Not farms, or natural products companies. Chemical companies.

These companies are not required to put the make up of fragrance on their packaging because they claim these are trade secrets. Even when the product contains as much as 80% fragrance.


That means only 20% of the chemicals in the air freshener are actually listed on the packing.

So the real secret about Air Fresheners is that they aren’t “freshening” anything, except the bank accounts of synthetic chemical companies.

I’m a Mom on a Mission to help you clean up your home!

There are lots of tried and true all-natural alternatives like essential oils, so you can stop “febreezing” that smelly room. In Episode 102 of Essential Oils with Kari, I go over ways you can make DIY cleaners – and you can make them un-scented if you want too!

If you want to join me in the fight for healthier homes, check out my Free Resources page and throw those “plug-ins” in the trash!

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