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Running literally makes me a better person, so why do I fight it sometimes?

Why turn off the alarm and go back to bed?

It was only a handful of years ago that I started running.  There is a distinct line in the sand of my life before running and after running.  Before I started running I was just living the day to day life, going to work, looking forward to the weekend, paying the bills, not really creating or living my dream life.

There is a distinct line in the sand of my life before running and after #running. Click To Tweet

After that fateful New Year’s Resolution was made (believe me, this was the first one that actually came to fruition), I became a different person.  Don’t get me wrong, running hurts sometimes.  I am usually red faced, out of breath and sweating like a pig, but at the same time a fire is lit inside of me.

After 3 months of running and completing my first 5k (3.1 miles) race I actually started to enjoy this sport.  I use it as a time for reflection, a time to dream, set plans into action, and push my body farther than it has gone before.  When I am running I feel alive.  My moods are more balanced, I sleep better, and I feel more confident in my skin.

So I ask again, if running makes me feel so good, then why do I make excuses not to get out there and do it?

Self Sabotage

It happens to the best of us, despite our efforts to move forward.

You have done it too.  Your healthy eating plan goes out the window when someone brings donuts to the office.  You are not seeing results on the scale after a few weeks of a new exercise program, so you quit.  All the hard work you put into your big project at the office doesn’t bring you the recognition you think you deserve, so you stop working hard.

Where do you land in the end?  Right back where you started because you quit. But this time you beat yourself up about it.

I’m telling you that you can step off this roller coaster.  You can have the life you truly want.  All you need is a bit of self clarity, an accountability partner to keep you on track, and the drive to continue to put one step in front of the other on a daily basis.  You don’t have to rush out and buy a new pair of running shoes to accomplish big things in your life.  Find your clarity in painting, hiking, playing a musical instrument, or practicing yoga…

Find What Makes You Feel Alive Inside

“I regret that workout,” said no one ever!  What you will hear from someone at the end of their life is “I regret not living, not trying, not dreaming big enough!”

So I say to you, tell your self-conscious to shove it and DARE TO DREAM BIG!

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