I find it funny…

Not ha ha…but funny interesting that when we say we want to do something new, usually we are excited at first and then interest wanes. That is exactly what happened to me, and it reflects in the numbers.  I have also been procrastinating on telling you about it, because it is embarrassing.  Truth is, I’m human.  Just like you.  Also, starting something new is hard.  But I made the promise to both you and myself to share my process.  We are in this life together after all.

I am talking about the Gap.

The gap between what we say we are going to do and reality.  The gap between my perceived future self and my daily actions.  There are always a number of excuses that I can point to.  But in the end, it doesn’t fool anyone.  Not even me.

I want something.  I have a dream.  A goal.  A lifestyle that I want to live, and the fact is I am still not taking the steps on a daily basis.


That dream is to be an athlete.  To be able to run, bike, or swim.  To hike with friends when I want without holding up the group.  To  kayak, to push myself physically, and to participate in any activity that I choose without a second thought.  To be fit.

My current goal of completing the Amerithon Challenge is to help motivate me and get me from one side of the gap to the other while having fun.  Reality is, I haven’t embraced the challenge… Yet…

By the numbers.

In July I had a total of 80.9 miles.  A decent baseline, since I have my Fitbit linked to the tracker.  In August my total mileage was 66.5.  We did have quite a few weeks with bad air quality where it was hazardous to go outside.  But that is also just another excuse.

Truthfully, I didn’t set a plan.  Without a plan, there is no way to execute it.  My dream remains a DREAM and does not become REALITY.      

So, that leaves me with creating a plan…  Just like I have my clients do.  Similar to the Plumber’s pipes, I am always the last on the list.  Last to implement, last to choose self care.

No more.  I can do hard things.

Time to make a plan.

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