I would define myself as a cook before I would say baker, but at the same time, I have aspirations of making elaborate delicious baked goods and deserts. Most times I am baking for a holiday or special occasion because it is just healthier for me and my family to not have that stuff in the house.  I am trying to lead by example here folks.

The problem with baked goods is that most of them come packed full of extra sugar.  We have talked about the evils of sugar before.  It is addictive, causes inflammation in the body, can pack on the pounds, and wreaks havoc when consumed on a regular basis.  There are ways to make your baking healthier.  Replace the white sugar with honey, maple syrup, or even organic non-refined cane sugar for that matter…

Sugar is not what I am here to talk about today though.


Food Coloring

Excuse my language, but the run of the mill food coloring on the market is a chemical shit-storm.  Artificial colors derived from any number of chemicals can lead to a number of health related problems including allergic reactions, hyperactivity, and even some cancers.  Many have been taken off the market in other countries.  There is still much we can do in the USA to help further our cause with the FDA, but the biggest impact we can have is by voting with our dollar.


Stop Buying all the Crap!

I found a wonderful alternative to the nasty stuff that is on the regular supermarket shelf and you can get it delivered directly to your home, or most likely pick it up at your local health food store.  ColorKitchen is an amazing Real Food based food coloring made from plants!


That’s right, the pink for my cupcake frosting came from beets.  Can you believe it?!?  I can now bake a healthier version of cupcakes and actually make it colorful without compromising my families health.  Hallelujah!

ColorKitchen is local to me in Bend, Oregon.  Not only am I shopping local, I am also supporting small business!


Here is the run down.


Color Kitchen dyes are Non-GMO, Gluten-FREE, Vegan, Artificial Dye-FREE, have No Hydrogenated Oils, and Made from Real Plant colors.  It states right on the box that they use colors from Nature.  This is something that I can get behind, and I will be using in my house for all my baking needs.

Check out these beautiful cupcakes I made today.


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