Going through pregnancy and then bringing home a little bundle of joy can be the most exciting time in your life.  Your family of two is turning into a family of three, or more.  It is also a time of weight gain, eating or not eating certain things for the baby (both during pregnancy and breastfeeding), lack of sleep, and aches and pains to name a few.  When do you get your own body back?  Is there an end in sight?

You could say I had an easy pregnancy.  I didn’t really have morning sickness, ran the Portland Marathon at 16 weeks pregnant, and didn’t have any issues with back pain.  But as soon as my sweet little girl was born my body fought back.  My lower back started acting up, my left knee was having shooting pains, and I was exhausted.

After getting the go ahead to exercise again I was making every excuse in the book.  “I am too tired. I don’t have time.” “My back/knee/body hurts.”  The list goes on.  Both my mind and body were fighting back.  Don’t you sometimes feel like the world is fighting against you?

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The truth is I lost sight of my ‘WHY’ for a second.

Your ‘WHY’ is what motivates and drives you to accomplish things in life.  Sure, I want to lose the baby weight and get back into my clothes, but that isn’t going deep enough.


Your WHY should make you cry!

Peel the layers of the onion back and really look at what motivates you to accomplish things in your life, personal or business.  So here we go:  I want to lose weight to get back into my clothes. I want to be able to run around after my daughter and play with her when she gets mobile.  I want to be a positive role model of healthy eating/lifestyle for her.  I want to FEEL amazing in my body and push it to its limits.  I want to show others how to live a healthy lifestyle.  I want to help other moms and families find their WHY and start to really THRIVE in their lives.

Why your WHY should make you CRY. Getting your body back. Part 1 Click To Tweet


I may be just a small ripple in the ocean, but my WHY will create waves on the beach with enough momentum.

After that first workout three weeks ago I was in tears.  My body felt weak, I was in pain, I wanted to quit.  BUT then I remembered my WHY.  Today I stand stronger because I didn’t give up.  I will fight to get my body back, not just for me, but for you!

Going back to my first questions: When will I get my own body back?  Is there an end in sight?

Every day we make choices.  We are always a work in progress.  Sometimes you feel like the world is fighting against you, but if you look close enough it is you who is fighting against you.

Your own limiting beliefs.

Let me tell you that you are worth it, you are good enough, and you can do it!

To continue the journey and read Part 2: No excuses and Tough Love just click here.


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