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It’s Time To Take Back Your Life

Many people are frustrated and feel like they aren’t getting ahead personally, professionally, or both! They get caught up in their busy lives and end up putting their health and their goals aside. I used to have the same problem.

I am Certified Health & Wellness Coach Kari Rouse, and I have a plan to get your life and your health back on track. Let me be your health and wellness coach, a guide to help you achieve more, relax more, sleep better, eat better, and reach your life goals.

As a Health and Wellness Coach, I have helped people just like you transform their lives. Everyone gets the same 24 hours every day, isn’t it about time you achieved the happiness and health you deserve?

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Dieting Doesn’t Give You A Fighting Chance

Your body is the winner of 10,000 generations of natural selection geared toward keeping you alive in a world of scarcity. In the world of abundant food we now live in, these genes are telling your body that you’re hungry. Not only are you hungry, but you need to eat extra, just in case you can’t hunt or forage any food tomorrow!

Your body wants lots of fats to keep you warm in the winter. Sugars to help you have energy you need to run down that antelope on the plains. Salts to help you retain water to cool yourself so you can walk and run for hours to forage for food.

Dieting tells your body you are close to starvation! Your brain sends signals to the body to eat and gorge and do whatever it takes to stave off starvation. You are not actually starving… but your body doesn’t know that! This is why all diets are destined for long-term failure.

It’s not your fault. Your own evolution is fighting against you!

Find out how healthy lifestyle changes are the only way to truly get control of your genes and your survival instincts with Certified Health Coach and Institute for Integrative Nutrition Graduate, Kari Rouse.

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